Website: Static To Dynamic Conversion

Have you ever imagined the world without the internet? Many of us won?t even believe now that there can be the world without a World Wide Web. With the internet hitting the world with a bang in late 90?s, using the internet for growing business began rapidly. With the advancement of various technologies by then, developing a website for information regarding Companies, Profile, etc. took place out of the age-old business method and made way for E-Commerce. Now everyone knows what this World Wide Web has done to the world. Let’s go back to the time when websites were made with only content and static HTML. The static websites lacked the ?Look & Feel? which we are quite used to now

With the evolution of WordPress, which is nothing but an open source technology with free availability, modern website structure, advanced web design features, and functionality. No technical brains required to create a website with advanced web design features and functionalities with the help of HTML themes (Ready-made HTML templates) and plugins. In these ready-made themes, a developer has to customize the website according to the design, content and features of the template. That means the developer is restricted to add any dynamic feature and style to that template. So, the website creator has to satisfy with provided features and functionalities.

To resolve such restrictions, a new concept has been introduced where a developer can easily convert his dynamic HTML web pages into WordPress theme. The best possible reasons of converting HTML theme to WordPress are given below:

Why HTML to WordPress?

Simple to Work

WordPress is genuinely simple to use with the help of energetic community accessible 24*7. This outstanding content management system framework offers some of the extra themes and plugins also that influence the web development to work substantially less demanding. Various themes offer an unequivocal look to the sites and plugins. Then again, they are utilized to add conclusive features to the sites. With WordPress, the site coding turns out to be simple and very little technical. This is the reason various beginners incline toward utilizing the stage.

Dynamic CMS?

HTML site is old fashioned. It contains static page design, numerous pages, and a few coding in various lines. Each site page supplements single HTML record. These contain same page layout and design. Making the WordPress site pages simple. Furthermore, it gives website owner a feature to manage and update it easily. In this manner, website developers incline toward this to the static HTML websites. WordPress was initially created for publishing content. Today, with newly installed functionalities makes it dynamic and multi featured

Immense Developer Community?

When you utilize WordPress, you consequently turn into a piece of a major group of designers. These individuals bolster each other and there is an awesome trade of thoughts through online discussions. This dynamic group finds a way to help beginners. Being open source each client will have the capacity to contribute a comment improving it and bug-free. Accessibility of new updates keeps the WordPress occurring consistently. No big surprise the CMS is developing each day.

Adjustable According to your Design?

WordPress offers the opportunity of modifying your website according to the outlines by picking a related theme. At the beginning, it may look difficult to choose and customize a theme, but with the help of the outstanding WordPress community, it’s very easy job to do. Hence, WordPress can additionally be used keeping in mind the end goal to make websites for business purpose.Look and functions can easily be modified. Both free and paid WordPress themes are available and it’s on the user’s choice to select a better option.


WordPress has been worked to grasp web crawlers and such a feature which turned it to ?SEO-friendly.? WordPress manage Search Engines from posts, pages, and categories so as to enable them to crawl your web page and accumulate the required data. It helps search engines to incorporate any positive web page in their database. WordPress offers various other security features and enables users to optimize their sites according to SEO rules. It will help them to get higher ranking on Search Engines, which is a definitive point of making business websites.

How to convert HTML Website To WordPress?

Step 1: Collection Of Needy Data?

Before you start to change over HTML to WordPress, it is imperative that you look around and gather key data about it. Before doing any change, you need to know your website well. Examining through the website will help you in perceiving the navigation and style. It is crucial that you have the required data of forms, downloads, hidden sales to define the scope of your project.

Step 2: Development of WordPress Theme?

This is the most broadened phase of the entire conversion process. Most of the designing work is refined at this stage. In this conversion stage, developers will take an overview of your website and design its structure in WordPress.

Step 3: Converting ?HTML Website to WordPress

This is the most essential stage in the entire procedure. Changing over content from HTML site to WP theme is an entire arrangement as it is more than just copy and paste. There were many lines of codes which are unwanting and not necessary, so you need to ensure that your codes were correct and put properly when you converting your website.

Step 4: Testing

It’s a perfect chance to act like a visitor and take a normal visit to your whole website to remove remaining bugs (if any) before your website goes live, so encounter each and every possible area of your site to guarantee there are no unwanted codes or broken links.

Step 5: Get Hosting And Launching Of Website

Get a required hosting space from a well-known hosting provider agency according to your business and budget and upload all files to host servers on launch day.

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