All You Want To Know About Building Your Own Matrimonial Website

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From hundreds of years, matchmaking is one of the productive organizations in India as in Indian custom; marriage is to be considered as an essential piece of each individual’s life. Till earlier century, when the web is not normal in India, these matchmakings were primarily performed by a family priest (pundit or pujari) or by the elderly women who are involved in this business. As web industry began blasting in the most recent decade with a great many web clients, numerous business visionaries take this matchmaking business on the web and make it lucrative and beneficial.
Source: is India’s first web-based matchmaking and wedding administration entry established by Anupam Mittal in 1997 as a little start-up. In these 20 years, it changed over into a multi-million dollar undertaking and hold 55% offer of online Indian Matrimony showcase with more than 35 million individuals around the world. After this numerous new solid players risen in this industry. Some of them are,, and

Some began this business on a state level and city level while numerous marital entries are committed towards a particular religion or group. As indicated by an investigation of ASSOCHAM online marriage business may touch Rs 1,500 crore before the finish of 2017.

As India is considered as the nation having most youthful populace on the planet where half beneath the age of 25 and over 65% underneath the age of 35. This gives a decent chance to the individuals who will go into a standout amongst the most lucrative and productive business of web-based matchmaking administrations by making their own marital websites.


Punjabi Wedding
A Punjabi Wedding

The following are a portion of the top components and administrations ought to be incorporated while building up a wedding portal:


1. Guests Section

This segment includes the elements like members registration (paid or free), a basic search on the home page, profile posting with pictures and restricted data, limited access for non-members, browsing options sorted by locale, group, religion and so forth.


2. Registered User Section


a. Membership Information

Here the user can create and manage his membership profile by configuring email alert, upgrade free record to paid , pay for optional features like featured profile, etc.

b. Self-Profile Management

Self-profile administration segment empowers an enlisted client to post content about himself/herself or about the individual who wishes to marry utilizing the portal. The marriage site administrator enables a registered client to provide information through use to flawless and well-organized forms.

c. Partner Profile Administration

Partner profile manager provides a feature to a registered user to set preferences for the specific partner the user is looking for and save these preferences. A registered user can save multiple such preferences. The website monitoring system continuously performs searches on existing database to extract profile matches against partner preferences. The system also performs an automatic short listing of candidates from the user database and sends email alerts to registered users.

d. Between User Messaging System

Enlisted members from the wedding site are empowered to post messages to other enrolled members from the site utilizing the in-built messaging framework. An enlisted client can acknowledge messages from other enrolled clients of the site. The framework additionally empowers the clients to block certain clients from posting any messages.

e. Favourite Profiles

Registered clients from the marriage website can specifically stamp different profiles as favorite choices. These profiles are then accessible to them under the favorite section.

f. Prescribe profile to a Friend

Enrolled individuals are permitted to forward particular profiles to their friends.

g. Searching a Wedding profile

The wedding website system comes pre-bundled with a capable search system to enable site guests and registered clients to perform broad inquiries on the current profiles.

3. Administrative Section


The administrator account is the most powerful user account of the website and is allowed maximum functionality in the system. The administrator is enabled to control access privileges of other users as well. The features provided to administrator includes performing operations on administrators, moderators and registered users, changing the admin password, modify personal settings, payment gateway configuration, create backups and restore data.


4. Mediators Section


Mediators are administrators of the site administration group whose principal duty is to clear up information from the site. Their tasks incorporates

Tidying up of ads.

Settling spelling mistakes.

Settling grammatical/language mistakes.

Modifying photos if required.

Filling missing information in profile by guessing.

 5. Extra essential components


a. Mobile Responsiveness

Your website needs to be good with various gadgets having diverse screen measure like mobiles, tablets, smartphones etc. For such reason, your website ought to have completely responsive which fits on each screen.

b. Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the gathering of procedures through which you can drive more traffic to your website. It encourages your site to get a decent web rank on search engines.

c. Every day Recommendations

By this feature user would get fix matches daily based on the preferences submitted by a user on his profile and the list gets changed at specific intervals.

d. Refined Search Option

It gives choices to seeking matches based on Astrology, for which the client needs to include his horoscope on his profile. Special cases search options is another additional component offered notwithstanding the capacity to spare scans for future reference.

e. Free messages

The website ought to offer the capacity to send free messages to different individuals. The site ought to enable the client to send and get free messages that may even incorporate his/her email ID and telephone number, making it exceptionally helpful for the client.

f. Marriage Directory

This is the catalog where a client can get the rundown of many wedding service providers close to your city. The highlighted specialist organizations incorporate wedding settings, flower specialists, wedding picture takers, decorators, and cooks. This is worked for downstream joining and holding the clients even after they discover their life partner.


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