All You Want to Know About Pix2Code


Good News for all the Graphical User Interface (GUI) designers who put their efforts together to design a front end on a custom website or mobile app. Designers were always dependent on developers or coders to turn their ideas or designs into code. A developer creates a whole front end through coding. But in near future, designers could soon take this power into their own hands.



UIzard Technologies, a Denmark-based startup is very close to developing an app which can be able to create a corresponding code of a screenshot automatically which compatible with Android, ios, and web-based technologies. This app named as “Pix2Code” and it provides an accuracy of 77% till date. According to Tony Beltramelli, the founder of UIzard, Pix2Code has the potential to end the need for manually-programmed GUIs.

Pix2code is one of the best examples of AI (Artificial Intelligence) where deep neural networks are used to generate code from visual inputs. UIzard Technologies is intended to bridge the gap between UI/UX designers and front-end developers. Front-end developers will still be needed to implement the logic, the interactive parts, the advanced graphics and animations, and all the features which are loved by users.

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