The Content – King of Your Website

content is king

What does it take to perform a result oriented SEO? How my website would be on top ranking of search engines? I am using high-quality images, info graphs, videos, and top level coding, even then there is no increase in my website ranking as per my liking? What’s the reason for low website traffic? What else I need to do to increase my website ranking? Blah blah blah….

These are some of the questions which come to the mind of many startup enthusiasts as well as the online business owners as they could not get the expected traffic to their respected websites and eventually getting low profits.

After a number of discussions and long hours of argument, finally, the answer we have got is “Content”.

The most important part of SEO is the content. Search engines are unable to see pictures. They can only catch data which is in text format. Most of the times individuals only focus on the overall look of their website. So that when it comes down to the content, they don’t consider its importance.

Yes, the look and feel of your website are important as we are living in a glamorous age. But always keep in mind that content is the key for engaging the readers and keep their attention on your website. Content for your website should be the first thing that you do when optimizing it. You need to get the information into the search engine so that your page can get a ranking. Original content is much better in the long run and will get you the high rankings that you want for your website.

Getting high-quality content for SEO is completed when you write such content that will engage the reader and keep their attention. First always focus on your content selection when you optimize your website. Updated your old content regularly. While writing an article, add your targeted keyword phrases in it. But do this in a proper manner and percent relevancy is important. So that the search engine should consider your website as relevant. Otherwise, search engines can penalize you for keyword stuffing.

Following are some necessary tips which you have to consider while performing Search Engine Optimization of your website.

  • Include headings in your content. Because they are rated more important when it comes to SEO and try to incorporate the important keywords in it.
  • Provide both Title and Description tag to all pages of your website. You should target your main keywords, as well as secondary keywords within these tags. Try to keep it short and to the point.
  • Try to include flash in less proportion because search engines can’t read it.
  • Put an alt tag in every image and graphics which you used in your web page as search engines can read them. You can add your main keyword in the alt tag.
  • There are several things that you should avoid such as frames and complex tables. These hinder the search robots from reading through your page and figuring out where to rank you.
  • Make your navigation bar short and simple. Don’t add multiple pages without any purpose.
  • All the above tips are useful for you to get your website to the top of rankings.

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